Peacock Yummy from Kamen Rider OOO

This handsome fella is an original Yummy I created for my fanfic, 4th Meal. Written for volume 2 of the Toku Slide zine Pakige, 4th Meal is a silly and introspective fic involving Ankh watching Eiji get railed by a Yummy made from Eiji's desire to get dicked down by a hot bird monster. Needless to say it's an explicit fic.

Peacock Yummy OC from Kamen Rider OOO, drawn by Keelin
This art I comissioned from Keelin! Find them at Keelin @ Tumblr or Keelin's comission info!
The Peacock Yummy posing sexily, Ankh is telling it to just fuck Eiji already
This was a surprise doodle from Linky! Their Tumblr and Neocities.

Read it here on AO3: Kamen Rider OOO - 4th Meal

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